Horizon: Zero Dawn could become the next big Sony franchise

Joe Edwards, Product Manager for Sony Interactive Entertainment U.K., has said the format holder is feeling optimistic for the upcoming PlayStation 4-exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn, and remains hopeful that the title may spawn a major franchise. 

"We’re excited by the reaction that the fans have had to the game so far," said Edwards. "Pre-orders are in line with our expectations. The players seem to be excited for this new gaming experience and this is reflected in the pre-orders."

"We’re really optimistic about how this title’s likely to perform. It’s got a great studio behind it and what we’ve revealed so far has been really well received. It was also on many ‘Most Anticipated Games of 2017’ lists which added to our confidence."

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 possible?

With all the positivity surrounding the game, could we potentially see a Horizon: Zero Dawn 2? Right now, nothing’s been confirmed, but it’s definitely a possibility.

Nothing has been announced to date but I think there’s a lot of potential for this to be an exciting new franchise for us – we’ll just have to wait and see," he said.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is due out in North America on February 28 and in Europe on March 1. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by mechanised behemoths, with players controlling hunter Aloy as she battles against her robotic adversaries in hopes of harvesting their vital components in order to survive the harsh landscape. 

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Source: VideoGamer