How Close to Reality is FIFA 20’s Simulation?

Fifa 20 early access PS4

FIFA is the most popular football simulation video game franchise. On 27 September 2019, FIFA 2020 was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. The new cover of the game highlight’s Real Madrid’s new No. 7- Eden Hazard. The Champions Edition of FIFA 2020 has on the cover the defender of Champions League titleholder – Virgil van Dijk.

When it comes to simulating the reality of football – FIFA offers everything you need! With the new version of FIFA, one aspect focuses on street football, as most football players have been discovered. Moreover, this mode of the game utilizes the same engine, and focuses more on the skills and independent play.

Everyone wants to simulate reality, so football lovers can enjoy just that in the new FIFA game! FIFA 20 has a great mode to show you which are the best teams, who is the top scorer or the best player in the world. For example, Neymar was in the highlights from the time when he played for Santos and everyone wanted to transfer him.

FIFA 20 stimulates the football reality so well that you can even bet on winners, like UCL ones, for example. You can take a look at the player’s cards and the performance of a player – those cards explain to you the rantings of players. Besides in the FIFA 20 Career Mode, you can play Ultimate.

The Ultimate Team features 88 icon players, and this year includes 15 new names like Didier Drogba, Pep Guardiola, Kaka, Andrea Pirlo or Zinedine Zidane. There are also dozens of realistic stadiums. There are 90 licensed stadiums from 14 countries. With realistic overall statistics, how well they play on the field compared to their real-life counterparts, there is no game that recreate the reality of football better than FIFA 2020. You can bet on who will win Player Of The Year this season, by taking a look on the overall stats from the game, as Kevin De Bruyne at Unibet has win line set to +275 to win the famous trophy.

By the overall stats of every single player, the 2020 edition of FIFA shows you every point that a player is good at. For example, Sergio Aguero has 90 Shooting, 77 Passing, and 88 Dribbling. Moreover, at Unibet, his team is the favorite one to win the UEFA Champions League trophy. With an excellent form of Aguero, FIFA 2020 shows you that this game is good enough to simulate the reality.

The second favorite to be the winner of UCL at Unibet is FC Barcelona who has incredible players like Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez or Antoine Griezmann. Speaking about Lionel Messi, his overall stats are “from another planet”:like 92 Shooting, 96 Dribbling, and 92 Passing. In this video game, you have access to everything about every player, and you can find out everything about the team. Unibet shows you the odds from the UCL winner or Balon D’or, so you can play FIFA 2020, then think about who can do the best this year at every competition.

FIFA 2020 is a very in-depth game, where you can find out a lot of interesting things about the ratings of players, or how good a team can be. If you didn’t know, based on those simulated video games, betting agencies taking account of the overall stats of the teams, they then show us the odds. Before every main competition, FIFA updates the ratings, the transfers, and the form of players to simulate the reality. There is no way to see better the football reality, than to play FIFA 2020!