How Dark Horse comic series influenced new The Last Of Us content

In an exclusive interview with Dark Horse Comics, Director of Custom Projects Nick McWhorter spoke about how The Last of Us: American Dreams four-issue miniseries inspired Naughty Dog to make changes to its upcoming DLC pack for the PlayStation-exclusive action-adventure.

Naughty Dog changed a couple of moments in the game because of the impact of characters that were introduced in our graphic novel”, said McWhorter/

Dark Horse worked alongside Naughty Dog creative director Neil Druckmann, who was the lead writer on the graphic novel, which launched earlier this year. The series follows events prior to the video game and focuses on Ellie and a new character called Riley during their time in the quarantine zone.

This doesn’t appear to be the end of Dark Horse’s connection with The Last Of Us either. McWhorter expressed great interest in creating more comics based on the universe, as well as a desire to continue working with Neil Druckmann.

There’s a lot of compelling characters," he said. “Ellie and Joel are obviously the main characters, but there’s characters like Bill and Marlene. There’s a lot of people who you could explore stories with. We’d love to explore any stories that they’re looking to explore.

“It was such an excellent collaboration and more than we could ever have dreamed off working with Naughty Dog, so we’d love to think of more ways to collaborate with him [Druckmann] creatively."

The Last Of Us DLC is due to release in early 2014, but if you want some hints about what’s coming up there’s bound to be some clues in The Last Of Us mini-series.