How to complete the Destiny Age of Triumph quest

destiny age of triumph quest

Destiny Age of Triumph is now available free to PS4 and Xbox One players, ushering in a fresh set of new challenges, weapons, gear, and other highlights for Bungie’s shared-world shooter. It’s also the final major update for the game before this year’s hotly anticipated sequel, Destiny 2, hits stores in fall 2017. As such, you’ll want to get stuck in and enjoy everything Destiny has to offer Guardians before making the transition over the new game—and there’s more than enough to keep you busy for months yet.

To get your started, here’s how to complete the Destiny Age of Triumph quest.

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Step 1 – First you’ll need to talk to The Speaker once the Age of Triumph Event launches, so make sure you’ve downloaded the latest Destiny update and you’ll receive the quest.

Step 2 – Your next step is to complete 5 weekly story missions to earn the ‘Destroy the Darkness’ portion of the quest line.

Step 3 – To earn ‘Eternal Vigilance,’ polish off three Patrol missions on each destination

Step 4 – The next step, Shining Your Light, requires you to defeat three Champions in Court of Oryx (summoned via Antiquated Runes) or Perfect Champions in Archon’s Forge.

Step 5 – Return to The Speaker, who will reward you with the following items: Legendary Armor & 25 Legendary Marks

Step 6 – Clear three SIVA Crisis Heroic Strikes to complete the ‘Striking Back’ portion of the quest line

Step 7 – Finish a Nightfall Strike. 

Step 8 – ‘Up to the Challenge’ requires you to successfully beat Challenge of the Elders. 

Step 9 – This portion of the quest sees you visiting The Crucible to complete two Crucible Bounties for Lord Shaxx in ‘Victory or Death.’ 

Note – stay tuned as we’ll update this article for the last few steps; we’re still ploughing through it.

Your reward for completing this quest line is class armor for the new Destiny Age of Triumph armor set.

Did you manage to complete the Destiny Age of Triumph quest? If so, what was your reward? Let us know in the comments below.