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Hunt Showdown Update 1.51 Improves Server Stability & Fixes KD Ratio Exploit

Crytek has dropped off the Hunt Showdown update 1.51 patch notes for your to feast your eyes on, which applies some much-needed server stability as well as removing an exploit that players have been using to inflate their KD ratio.

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  • Fixed an issue and exploit where players could be killed multiple times during a game. Please be aware, we are in the process of reverting the kills of those who have abuse this bug to excessivley inflate their KD ratio. For those that have excessively abused this exploit, we will be issuing warnings and bans depending on the severity
  • Fixed an issue that caused Golden Cash Register to constantly spawn in certain location. This was not intended and the spawns are for the most part intended to be random.
  • General server stability improvements.

Developer note:

We know that the server issues that have been encountered over the last two weeks have been very frustrating, especially while the event is currently active. This hotfix is aimed at improving the overall server stability and hopefully will significantly reduce the issues as well as the need for restarts.

We are currently discussing the possibility of extending the event (as well as compensation) and should have an update for you all later today.

~The Hunt Team