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I Am Legend Director Francis Lawrence Will Direct The Bioshock Film, With A Script From Logan Writer Michael Green

Netflix’s film adaptation of Bioshock just had its director and writer revealed, with Francis Lawrence set to direct and Michael Green having written the script.

You’ll recognize Lawrence as the director of films like I Am Legend, Slumberland, and the last three Hunger Games films.

Green for his part you may know from writing films like Logan and Blade Runner 2049, or as the showrunner and writer for 26 episodes of American Gods.

Impressive names the both of them, and on paper they both seem like solid choices to lead a Bioshock film.

The history of video game films however still loom like a dark cloud over Bioshock, and every other film or tv show adaptation currently in the works.

Yes, the Sonic films have exceeded expectations, as did The Witcher series, but they remain exceptions to the rule.

The trouble remains that until we start to see more of these shows and films come to fruition, that dark cloud will continue to loom.

Source – [Twitter]