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Netflix Film Adaptation Of Bioshock Announced

Film and tv show adaptations of video game IP are clearly going to keep happening, whether fans want them or not. The latest one to be announced, is Bioshock.

It’ll be a film adaptation produced by Netflix, and they’re partnering with Take-Two Interactive and 2K on the project.

There’s no word as to whether or not creator Ken Levine was asked to be involved, though his involvement at all would be unlikely.

Especially considering his response to whether or not he was involved in the remake currently in development.

That said, he’s of course not the only person who worked on the original game that shook the industry.

It would be interesting to see if any artists from the original team are asked to work on it, as capturing the look and atmosphere of Bioshock will be a key factor for fans.

In the meantime however, Uncharted is the industries latest big IP to be adapted into films.

It has had a good debut at the box office, though North American markets open this week, which will be very telling.

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