Infinity Ward on community feedback for Modern Warfare 2

Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling has touched on the subject of community feedback and how it has influenced production of upcoming shooter Modern Warfare 2.

The community boss referred to an early Twitter post as an example of how feedback has helped shaped the game’s development, which asked fans to ‘name one thing you’d like to see in Modern Warfare 2.’ The result? The snow level shown at E3 earlier this month.

“Cliffhanger is a perfect example,” Bowling told “The level we’ve shown at E3 is a great example of the community feedback. If you look early on at that first question we asked on Twitter, we said what’s one thing you want? Snow maps, bigger levels and new weapons were the top three things you’d see. Cliffhanger incorporates it all. We have a lot of the new weapons. We’ve brought over the attachment system from multiplayer and put it into single-player, so you’re constantly thinking of new variations of weapons, like with red dots and suppressors.”

“And then obviously it’s a massive snow level that incorporates stealth and straight up action and low visibility snow. That’s what people were asking for.”

Bowling also assured gamers that feedback isn’t just being considered for the game’s single player campaign – the team is also incorporating it into the multiplayer component too.

“We’ve been incorporating that feedback throughout the entire development in single-player,” Bowling explained. “And now as things are focusing more and more on multiplayer it’s going to be going that way.”

Modern Warfare 2 is due out on PlayStation, PC and Xbox 360 on November 10.