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Insomniac Pushes Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s Next Big Update Into Early 2024

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 arrived as a pretty complete package, but there are still a few features that fans know are coming, and that Insomniac is still baking.

Two of those major features are audio descriptions and a new game plus mode, but both of those, along with plenty of other features players have been asking for since launch, now won’t be arriving until early 2024.

Insomniac announced the delay on the studio’s official Twitter account, with a statement which also listed changes the team is working on, such as being able to change the time of day, swapping the colours of the tendrils which spawn from the Venom suits, and being able to conveniently replay missions.

You can check out the whole statement below.

This delay comes off the heels of reports about Insomniac being hacked, with personal employee information and information about its coming Marvel’s Wolverine game, and potentially other unannounced projects, having been stolen.

Sony is currently investigating the hack, and though Insomniac doesn’t say it here, it wouldn’t be surprising if we later learned that part of this delay was due to the hack.

Whatever the case, hopefully we won’t have to wait much longer for this coming update and even less so to find out everything that’ll be arriving in it, as Insomniac says we’ll get more information about it “closer to its release.”

Source – [Insomniac Games]