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Is Batman: Arkham Shadow Coming To PSVR 2?

Is Batman: Arkham Shadow Coming To PSVR 2? The latest Batman game fans can look forward to is now here, with Batman: Arkham Shadow arriving sometime in late 2024.

It’s not just a new Batman game however, and it’s also not being developed by Rocksteady. Instead it’s coming from developer Camouflaj, who players might remember from Marvel’s Iron Man VR, so you won’t be surprised to learn that Arkham Shadow is a VR game.

We know it’ll be launching for Meta Quest 3 when it arrives sometime this year, but that doesn’t help anyone without a Meta Quest 3 and with a PlayStation VR2.

So is Batman: Arkham Shadow coming to PSVR 2? Will Batman: Arkham Shadow come to PSVR 2?

Let’s find out.

Is Batman: Arkham Shadow Coming To PSVR 2?

For now, unfortunately the answer is no. It looks like Batman: Arkham Shadow is meant to be a Meta Quest 3 exclusive, and won’t be arriving on any other VR headsets.

Of course the fact that it is exclusive now doesn’t mean it’ll be that way forever. There is a chance things could change in the future.

Unfortunately, that’ll be a future PSVR 2 players will have to wait for.