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Is Fallout New Vegas On PS4?

Is Fallout New Vegas On PS4? With the spike in popularity the Fallout franchise gained with the success of Amazon’s Fallout TV show, players new and old to the series are trying to play whichever one they can.

Many are returning to the most recent, and easily accessed Fallout 4, which now has a native PS5 version available. Others are trying to reach back to Fallout 3, and a lot of people are returning to the non-Bethesda and arguably the most beloved, Fallout New Vegas.

But how would you play Fallout New Vegas on your more modern console? Is Fallout New Vegas on PS4? Can you play Fallout New Vegas on PS4?

Let’s find out.

Is Fallout New Vegas On PS4?

No, Fallout New Vegas is not on PS4, a native PS4 version for the game was never made, and it’s unclear if there will ever be a version that can run on more modern PS4 or PS5 consoles.

What you can do however is subscribe to the top-tier of PlayStation’s subscription service, PlayStation Plus Premium, where you’ll be given access to stream the game over wi-fi.

Depending on how good your wi-fi is, you might have a perfectly fine experience. You can also not have a fine experience. Not much you can do about it other than hope that the one feature which separate’s Premium from the other two tiers, meaning the one you’re really paying that much extra for, works.