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Amazon Prime’s Fallout Show Hits 65 Million Viewers In Just Over Two Weeks

The recently released Fallout tv show adaptation from Amazon Prime Video has hit a huge milestone in just two weeks since it was released, according to Amazon.

Per Variety’s report, the Fallout show hit 65 million viewers in 16 days, or just over two weeks since launch. Behind Amazon’s other original series, the Lord Of The Rings-based Rings Of Power series, Fallout is now the second-most watched show on the Prime Video platform.

It’s a milestone that puts the show more in conversation with HBO’s The Last Of Us, which reportedly averaged 32 million views per episode, shortly after the whole season had premiered.

In fact the first episode of The Last Of Us hit 10 million views in just two days when it launched. While it doesn’t seem like Amazon has shared individual episode numbers, 65 million for the series clearly shows once again that quality adaptations of video games have huge potential.

Fallout already has a second season lined up, though it’ll likely be some time before we start to hear more about that, considering the first season premiered just weeks ago.

Source – [Variety]