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Is Sea Of Thieves PS5 Cross-Platform?

Is Sea Of Thieves Cross-Platform? After plenty of speculation, Xbox finally confirmed that the rumours were true. Four games developed by Xbox Game Studios that were previous Xbox-console/PC exclusive, would be coming to PlayStation.

Among those four, one of the biggest rumoured games to be arriving, was Sea Of Thieves, which will make its debut on PS5 on April 30, 2024.

It’s already a special release because it’s an Xbox-exclusive coming to PlayStation, and its made even more so due to the fact that it will be the first Rare game ever on PlayStation.

All this excitement would be for naught though, if Sea Of Thieves wasn’t going to be cross-platform between PS5, PC and Xbox players.

So, is Sea Of Thieves cross-platform? Can you play Sea Of Thieves on PS5 with Xbox and PC players?

Let’s find out.

Is Sea Of Thieves Cross-Platform?

Yes! Sea Of Thieves is indeed going to be cross-platform at launch, so there’s no need to worry, for anyone ready to play it on PS5 when it launches. You can immediately begin playing with your friends on Xbox and PC.