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Sea Of Thieves PS5 Allows Linked PlayStation & Microsoft Accounts For Cross-Platform Friend Invites & More

With news that Sea of Thieves is coming to the PS5 this year, Stephen Totilo has shared some more details on how the game will function on Sony’s console in regards to cross-platform features.

Speaking on Twitter, the journalist revealed that users will be able to link their PlayStation & Microsoft accounts and then log in with the former to allow for a variety of features, including cross-platform friends invites and progression. Here’s what he had to say:

As for Sea of Thieves on PS5…Players link their PlayStation and Microsoft accounts. Logging into a Microsoft account will enable cross-platform friend invitations, crew voice chat, proximity chat, and progression.

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Lucid Games recently announced that they have been working with Rare to help bring Sea of Thieves to the PS5. The game’s release on Sony’s console is a major milestone for creator Rare, as it’s the first game in the company’s entire history that will be published on PlayStation.

Sea of Thieves was originally released for the Xbox One in March 2018, and takes the form of a first-person pirate romp where players take to the high seas a shared world on their ship, where you can form alliances or go head-to-head in swashbuckling battles. You’ll also run across islands that you can explore for resources, while hazards such as ghost fleets and even the mythical Kraken will look to impede your progress.

Rare and Lucid Games will bring Sea of Thieves to the PS5 on April 30.

[Source – Stephen Totilo on Twitter]