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Lucid Games Helped Rare Bring Sea Of Thieves To PS5

Sea of Thieves is coming to PS5 on April 30, and Liverpool-based studio Lucid Games has announced that it was involved in helping Rare bring the game to Sony’s current-generation console.

We’re thrilled to announce that we helped @RareLtd in bringing @SeaOfThieves to @PlayStation 5! The team at Lucid is proud of our continued work in supporting the team at Rare on Sea of Thieves and can’t wait for you all to set sail on PS5 on April 30th!

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Sea of Thieves was originally released for the Xbox One in March 2018, and takes the form of a first-person pirate romp where players take to the high seas a shared world on their ship, where you can form alliances or go head-to-head in swashbuckling battles. You’ll also run across islands that you can explore for resources, while hazards such as ghost fleets and even the mythical Kraken will look to impede your progress.

On a side note, this is the first ever title in Rare’s 39-year history that will be shipped for a PlayStation console, with the company having previously worked on games for Nintendo and Microsoft formats.