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Is Sea Of Thieves On PS5?

Is Sea Of Thieves On PS5? The fun-loving online multiplayer pirating adventure Sea Of Thieves is an amazingly fun game, more so when played with friends.

It also has plenty of interesting and well-developed DLC content that has wonderfully mixed in other IP’s like The Legend Of Monkey Island and Pirates Of The Caribbean.

All the fun of being a pirate can easily be had on Xbox consoles or on PC. But is Sea Of Thieves on PS5? Find out here.

Is Sea Of Thieves On PS5?

UPDATE 21/02/24: Yes! Sea Of Thieves is in fact coming to PS5, and it will arrive on April 30, 2024. The news was confirmed following Xbox hosting a podcast event where Phil Spencer made it clear that four previously Xbox-exclusive games would be coming to “other platforms.”

On Wednesday, those four games were finally revealed, and they were the exact four that were previously rumoured, including Sea Of Thieves. Which means that PlayStation players will soon be able to sail the high seas in the many adventures Rare has developed for Sea Of Thieves.


No, Sea Of Thieves is not currently available on PS5 or on PS4. It’s still a Microsoft and Xbox exclusive game.

Rumours have however been circling that Sea Of Thieves could be coming to PlayStation consoles, a possible move that has caused Xbox fans a fair amount of strife.

Along with Sea Of Thieves, it’s rumoured that Hi-Fi Rush will also make its way to PlayStation. Though for now it looks like Hi-Fi Rush would be first, after a rating for it appeared in Australia.

If Hi-Fi Rush does come to pass, then it’s worth expecting Sea Of Thieves will be on PS5. We’ll update this article as more information is available.