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It Takes Two Champions Co-Op Gameplay In ‘We’re Better Together’ Trailer

Hazelight and EA Originals have released a new It Takes Two trailer titled We’re Better Together, which as you’ve probably twigged, champions the game’s cooperative gameplay.

Check out the trailer below.

It Takes Two is the latest game from A Way Out creator Josef Fares (you probably know for his sweary rant at The Game Awards a few years back), and follows clashing couple Cody and May, who have been turned into dolls by a magic spell. Having lost their human forms, they find themselves trapped in a fantastical world and must save their damaged relationship by Dr. Hakim, a recent love guru, which they try with great reluctance.

The game has been built from the ground up for two players, and pits players against a variety of obstacles including rampaging vacuum cleaners to love gurus. There’s genre-bending challenges to overcome, character abilities to master, and a marriage of gameplay and narrative that ‘pushes the boundaries of interactive storytelling.’

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It Takes Two is scheduled for release on March 26, 2021 for PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. The game will receive a day one update that will weigh in at around 33GB on the PS4.