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Jack Tretton Wishes Sony Had Supported The PS Vita Better

Former Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) boss Jack Tretton has revealed during a chat with Axios that he wished the format holder had put more support into the PlayStation Vita.

Sony’s handheld console launched in 2011 and initially saw quite a decent number of first-part games released over the next few years. However, support quickly dried up and eventually it was left to indie developers to keep things ticking over.

PS Vita found another lease of life as a companion to the PS4 thanks to Remote Play, as well as a great little device to downloads and play classic PSOne games. Sadly, it was discontinued in 2019.

“There were certainly technologies that I thought were good but just didn’t have the level of support they needed,” said Tretton, who also mentioned PSVR and 3D gaming.

Being a successful part of a big corporation sometimes meant having to make sacrifices when other parts of the business weren’t performing so well, Tretton said.

So, you come up with new technology to introduce to the industry and the consumers. But do you have the marketing budget to really drive the message? Do you have the developer support dollars to incent them to develop games to support this initiative? And sometimes you would birth technology and hope that it caught on.

Fortunately, Sony did reverse its decision to shut down the PS Vita store having originally decided to shutter it last summer.

[Source – Axios]