Haven Studios News PlayStation Showcase May 2023 PS5

Jade Raymond’s Haven Studios Announces Fairgame$, A Sci-Fi Heist Co-op Action Adventure

fairgame$ ps5 trailer

At today’s PlayStation Showcase we got out first look at the debut title from Jade Raymond’s Haven Studios, titled Fairgame$ (I didn’t put the ‘$’ there, they did). Anyway, though only a pre-rendered trailer was shown, it seemed to bear a distinct resemblance to Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs series as it depicted three players performing a sci-fi heist against some super-super rich types in a range of different high-tech environments.

While nothing was shown regarding the gameplay of Fairgame$, the fact that it has teams of three players performing heists against progressively more difficult targets in what looks to be a persistent world, suggests that Haven Studios debut title could well be a live service title – a genre of game that we already know that Sony is keen to develop.

Though we’re a ways off a release for Fairgame$, there’s still plenty to be excited about Haven Studios debut title. In the meantime, you can catch the debut cinematic trailer for Fairgame$ below: