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Jeffery Wright Will Reprise His Role As “Isaac” For HBO’s The Last Of Us Season 2

Jeffery Wright will be joining the cast for HBO’s The Last Of Us and its second season, and this time there’s no guessing as to what his role will be as it’s been with other cast additions.

Wright will be reprising the role he played in The Last Of Us Part II, and will be back in the role of “Isaac Dixon” for the adaptation. While we already knew the WLF (Washington Liberation Front) would feature in season 2, Wright’s involvement could potentially be a sign that we’ll be seeing plenty about the WLF.

That’s just speculation, as there’s no telling currently what exactly we’ll see in Season 2. We know that it’s showrunner Craig Mazin’s intention to do three seasons total to cover the events of Part II, so we don’t know when all the big plot points of the game are set to fall in the show.

Still, knowing that Wright will be back in his role is great news for fans.

Source – [Variety]