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Jet Set Radio Artist Has Returned To SEGA After Nearly 10 Years Away

Ryuta Ueda, the artist behind Jet Set Radio and game director behind Yakuza, has returned to SEGA following an almost 10-year break from the industry.

Having worked at Yahoo! Japan for the past nine years, Ueda-san returned to SEGA back in May 2021. Speaking on his Facebook page, he commented:

I have decided to resign from Yahoo Japan and return to my old company, Sega. I am very grateful for the many people I met and the many lessons I learned through various projects at Yahoo!

From now on, I will focus on making games again. Not only do I feel the excitement of making things, but I am also smiling a little at the thought of seeing old friends and meeting new people. I would like to fully demonstrate what I have cultivated through experience.

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Ueda has worked on a number of major titles at SEGA since 1995, including Panzeer Dragoon the aforementioned Jet Set Radio, as well as Olli King, Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, and Rise of Nightmares. His last credit before leaving the company was Demon Tribe in 2013.

[Source – Facebook via VGC]