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Jim Ryan Believes The PS5 Will Sell Upwards Of 108 Million Units Before The End Of Its Lifetime

When the PS5 first launched, sales were constrained due to manufacturing shortages – even though Sony was selling every PS5 it made, the number of PS5’s it could make was significantly less than it otherwise would have, if not for chip shortages and delays caused by COVID-19.

Now however those manufacturing constraints are gone, and Sony has been able to make enough PS5’s that they are able to find their way onto store shelves rather than selling out in seconds when an online listing goes up.

With that change, the PS5 has been the best selling console for months, with Jim Ryan being so positive about the consoles success, he believes it will sell upwards of 108 million units before the end of the console’s lifetime.

When asked about the sales projections during a recent webcast, Ryan confirmed his belief that the console will sell another 70 million units on top of the 38 million already sold.

“Yes, I would anticipate that over the life of the PlayStation 5 that we should be able to exceed a further 70 million on top of the 38 million that Eric mentioned in his section of the presentation.

The reason I say that is the 70 million I think is the existing PlayStation 4 user base, and while we would hope to convert a large number of those people, we will definitely target and and definitely be successful in bringing large numbers of gamers who did not own a PlayStation 4, and in many instances, who have never owned a PlayStation at all.”

This would put the PS5 around 108 million units, more than the original PlayStation, but still under sales of the PS4, and in all cases woefully far behind the staggeringly high sales of the PS2.

Of course we’ve still got more than a few years left within the PS5’s lifecycle, so it could very well be the case that it does exceed the PS4’s lifetime sales.

Though that’ll depend on how well Sony can use and expand its IP, and what games end up being system-sellers in the future.

Source – [Sony via TweakTown]