Just Cause 3 turns a pretty shade of gold, brings open-world chaos to PS4 this December

Avalanche Studios has announced that its highly anticipated open-world action title, Just Cause 3, has officially gone gold and is now on track for its release in December.

"#JustCause3 is….. GOLD today!!" Avalanche’s Christofer Sundberg Tweeted overnight. "Awesome work to our team taking this creation of ours and have evolved it with excellence! #RicoWasHere."

For those not in the know, this essentially means that the game’s development cycle is now complete and it will soon enter manufacturing to prepare for its release this winter. Unless there’s any last-minute hiccups, there won’t be any delays either, so there’s no reason why you can’t expect Just Cause 3 to help fill out your Christmas stocking.

Just Cause 3 is due out on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One on December 1. The sequel takes place on the fictional island of Medici, with players controlling protagonist Rico Rodriguez as he returns home after leaving The Agency. However, he soon discovers the island is in fact under the control of General Di Ravello, a brutal dictator hell bent on world domination. Many of the signature features of the game’s predecessor, 2010’s Just Cause 2, will return for the sequel, including the grappling hook and parachute, although their functionality has been slightly improved this time around.

New to the table this time includes a wingsuit, which allows Rodriguez to navigate the game world more easily by gliding across the landscape. As ever, destruction will be a main theme, with players able to wreak havoc across the island as they see fit with an arsenal of powerful weaponry, including shotguns, RPGs, machine-guns and more. Furthermore, Just Cause 3 will include an assortment of vehicles such as planes, exotic cars, ships and more. Avalanche Studios opted to eschew any traditional multiplayer and co-op elements for Just Cause 3 however, wishing instead to focus all of its manpower on building a comprehensive single-player offering. 

In terms of story, the company has indicated that Just Cause 3’s narrative will feel slightly more serious than its predecessor: "70 percent wacky and 30 percent serious," according to Avalanche CEO, Christofer Sundberg. In addition, the game’s art director said the developer wanted Rico’s gadgets to appear more realistic, specifically, they "[wanted] just a touch of that James Bond agency feel [on Rico Rodriguez] without going too far into the goofy and outlandish like Triple X starring Vin Diesel."

PS4 is the lead platform for the sequel, and the game will also form the backbone of the planned movie adaptation. Those of you who have plenty of cash lying around may want to invest in the sumptuous Collector’s Edition of Just Cause 3, which includes a replica grappling hook among other goodies. Check out the latest screenshots here.