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Just Cause 4 Install Size Revealed

Just Cause 4 Install Size

With the release of Just Cause 4 now upon us, we’ve got the lowdown on the Just Cause 4 install size for PS4, Xbox One and even PC owners.

A literal behemoth of a game, Just Cause 4 once again puts players in the ultra-agile wingsuit of series hero Rico Rodriguez as he explores a vast open world whilst doing away with world conquering villains in spectacular fashion.

Just Cause 4 Install Size Confirmed

Though Avalanche Studios have fashioned an enormous world for players to fly, shoot and blow things up in, you might be surprised to discover that the Just Cause 4 install size isn’t quite as big as other open-world titles like Red Dead Redemption 2, for example.

You can catch the install sizes below:

Just Cause 4 Install Size PS4 – 46.28 GB

Just Cause 4 Install Size PC – 59 GB

Just Cause 4 Install Size Xbox One – 44.64 GB

So yeah, not quite the biggest open-world game out there from an install size standpoint, it’s worth remembering that the install sizes above are solely based on the ‘day zero’ footprint the game makes on your drive when you download/install it.

As such, you can expect post-release patches, such as the sure to arrive Just Cause 4 Day One patch to increase that figure yet further still.

Also, for our Xbox One and PC friends who might be reading this (we see you there!), the install sizes for Just Cause 4 have been extrapolated from the relevant store listings. Xbox One owners can see the Microsoft Store listing here, whereas PC owners can catch the Steam listing here.

Keep your eyes open in the coming days for more Just Cause 4 content as we go big on the features that you can expect to see in the game, as well as a range of guides telling you how to get the stuff that you need the most from Avalanche Studios latest effort.

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Just Cause 4 releases on December 4th for PS4, Xbox One and PC.