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Kerbal Space Program: History and Parts Pack Out Now on PS4 and Xbox One

Kerbal Space Program: History and Parts Pack

The Kerbal Space Program: History and Parts Pack, a brand-new slice of DLC for the now four-year-old game, has just released on PS4 and Xbox One.

In fact, the History and Parts expansion is the very first to be released on console versions of the charming yet deceptively challenging flight simulation game. And it’s a pretty meaty offering, too.

Everything Included in the Kerbal Space Program: History and Parts Pack

First and foremost, there are ten brand-new story missions for players to sink their teeth into; each one inspired by the most daring events in the history of human space flight.

Additionally, the History and Parts Pack introduces a number of new parts and space suits (based upon the famous US-Soviet Union Space Race) for players to experiment with, as well as a handful of new launch sites.

“We are committed to supporting our console players, and are pleased to bring some of the great expansion content from the PC version of Kerbal Space Program to our very patient console community”. Explained lead producer Nestor Gomez in the original press release.

While executive producer Michael Cook described his excitement at being able to “bring content inspired by one of the most monumental times in our history” to Kerbal Space Program. And the opportunities this affords console players to “relive and reinvent the glory days of the Space Race in the beloved fun and tradition of the Kerbal universe.”

Ported to the PS4 by Spanish studio BlitWorks, Kerbal Space Program is currently available at the discounted price of £15.99/$19.99 on the UK and US PlayStation Stores respectively.