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Koei Tecmo Says It Took Things “Too Far” In DOA Xtreme 3

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Koei Tecmo admits it got a lot of flak for DOA Xtreme 3 and the VR version. And it’s not planning to make the same mistakes for Dead or Alive 6.

In an Dead or Alive 6 interview with PlayStation Universe, series producer Yohei Shimbori, says that they want DOA6 to be viewed as much more serious fighting game. Consequently, it’s toning down the sexualisation of female characters, which was also prevalent to a lesser degree in DOA5.

Of course, DOA Xtreme 3 was a spin-off volleyball game featuring a bevy of scantily-clad women and not a fighting game. The game wasn’t released in the West, though Koei Tecmo says this was because the game wouldn’t appeal to that market rather than concerns about its over sexuality of its female roster.

However, the backlash has obviously made the developer think twice about the sexualisation of women in the game.

There are a lot of different things involved in this approach. With DOAX3 we probably took it a little too far with the way things were shown in that game, and with the VR version we got a lot of flak for that, said Shimbori. With DOA6 it’s unlike X3. We want to be able to show it as a proper fighting game.

The series has gained quite a reputation for its boob physics, but judging by the DOA6 screenshots and trailers released so far, it looks like characters costumes will be much less revealing.

In the interview, Koie Tecmo also revealed that some characters may not make its March 2019 launch. This is due to the heavy development schedule, so some playable characters may be available as DLC at a later date.

Dead or Alive 6 is due for release in Early 2019 on PS4 and Xbox One.

  • xboxmaster

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  • TheRandomOne

    They will change their tune when DOA 6 flops

    • bigevilworldwide1 .

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      • Divine Providence

        The creator of the series stated explicitly that tit jiggle was a major component of the franchise, it was to catch the eyes of people passing by, and it did, and the game saved the company, the game owes its success to “tit jiggle”.

        Sorry to inform you, but the largest demographic of this game are people who aren’t offended by the female body, so not the sex-negative puritan beta-males like yourself.

        • DarthDiggler


          Good point that was similar to my sediments in my response to Greg above.

      • B. Martin

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      • mrwarmind

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        – if those who are over pixel women are losers, then i don’t know what to call those who complain that pixel women are too attractive

  • Rangerman15

    I thought DoA X3 got a lot of flak because it was barebones compared to the first and second game.

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  • Greg

    All they have to do is treat the men the same way, no problem.

    • Greg

      I’m an egalitarian, I think it’s only fair that dick physics be a thing.

      • DarthDiggler


        No you are living in a fantasy world if you think that you can serve a wide marketplace with one size fits all options.

        I believe all people are equal in terms of justice and treatment. That doesn’t mean I think all people should like the same things. Your form of equality really diminishes true diversity.

        • Greg

          Why not widen the market? Women can be scumbags, too.

          • DarthDiggler


            Let’s see how this one sells. I bet not as much as previous entries unless they make other gameplay changes that gets it much higher visibility.

            Why not widen the market? Women can be scumbags, too.

            For the same reason that strip clubs that feature female dancers generally do not have male dancers. Given your logic if they added male dancers to the entertainment profile they would reach double their audience. One would assume their sales would go up substantially.

            Women are scumbags but in different ways then men.

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          • Greg

            Yet you don’t actually disprove my assertion.

    • Russia Good

      They did in DOA5

  • Heavenly_King

    Your are loosing me Tecmo, stop this nonsense!

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  • Abdoulhay Ceesay

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