E3 2009 News

Kojima letting ‘young bloods’ handle MGS Rising

Legendary developer Hideo Kojima has revealed that he will be taking a back seat in the development of Metal Gear Solid Rising, and will instead focus his efforts on the forthcoming PSP exclusive entry, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

Kojima – who confirmed once and for all that Rising will also be headed to PlayStation 3 and PC – said that he has handed the development torch over to ‘young bloods’ for the game, which stars floppy haired cyber-man, Raiden.

"We’re creating Rising with Kojima Productions’ up-and-coming young bloods, because the game is for the young bloods as well, a new experience,” said Kojima, who added that Rising would still take the form of “a stealth espionage action game, of course".

He also plans to dabble in Western development methods with the game, stating, "I made a keynote speech at GDC and I explained the difference about how studios in the West work, by first creating technology… That’s one experiment that we’re doing."

Despite this, Kojima feels more attached to Peace Walker, which he described as a ‘true’ sequel to the Metal Gear Solid franchise: "This is what I mean by a true sequel – it means that I’m writing the script, I’m doing the game direction, I’m working on the title full-time and the main team of Metal Gear Solid 4 is working on this title," he said.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is due out exclusively on PSP in 2010. Metal Gear Solid Rising has yet to attract a release date.