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Larian Studios Boss On ‘Incredible Pressure’ That Weighed On The Studio After Baldur’s Gate III Success

Swen Vincke, the CEO of Baldur’s Gate III developer Larian Studios, has spoke on the ‘incredible pressure’ that the company felt after its success with the fantasy-RPG last month, with expectations going through the roof regarding its next project — which, as we know, is going to be an original IP.

While many people thought that Larian Studios would be looking to release an expansion to Baldur’s Gate III or just work on the next major instalment, the company is instead moving onto something new entirely. And Vincke revealed that despite the pressure it felt, it’s now managed to put that aside and focus on what comes next.

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There was this moment where we felt incredible pressure, and then I said, ‘Guys, just forget about all of it. Right? We’re just going to make a game again. And we’ll focus on that.

And obviously, it’s very ambitious. But if we can’t follow our gut instinct because we’re struggling to deal with external pressures or what people will expect, we will never make it; it will be a disaster. So we have to focus on making something that we want to play. And if it’s that, then we’ll be fine.

Larian Studios recently announced that it had opened its seventh studio worldwide, which is based in Warsaw, Poland.

[Source – GamesRadar]