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Latest Dreams Update Adds Brand New Game, Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale, Complete With 3 New Trophies And More

Media Molecule has announced that Dreams update 2.35 & Dreams update 2.36 patch notes, which arrives with a wealth of new content, including a new game from the team in the shape of Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale.

Read up on the latest Dreams patch notes below.

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Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale is a brand-new game from the team at Media Molecule. A challenging, dungeon-diving, combat-driven adventure that can be played solo or with a friend via local co-op.

You’ll play as Scoria, accompanied by Gabbro, as they set off on a journey to retrieve the fabled snozzleaf, to put a stop to Granny Orc’s snores! Along the way you’re accompanied by Herb the Bat, and tasked with taking on a gang of nefarious dragons!

Outside of inviting you to set high-scores, slay nasty dragons and collect treasure, Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale includes:

  • The full game, split across three chapters.
  • 5 new imps to add to your collection.
  • 3 new PlayStation Trophies to unlock.
  • New fonts to be used in your creations.
  • New boot image upon loading up Dreams.

Other Improvements

  • This is a MIGHTY update, as you can see! But we’re not done just yet! We’ve got a few extra little bits to add. Read on to find out more!
  • Scoreboards update: Scoreboards for a dream will now be displayed alphabetically.
  • Collection audio preview: Curators, or anyone else creating a collection, will now be able to set an audio preview for that collection. A ‘Set Audio Preview’ button will be available on the Customise screen.
  • Finally, we’re also introducing a new scope tweak on several gadgets in Create mode. This additional tweak allows certain gadgets to be more targeted in which other gadgets they “pair” with.

Here’s how it works…

Follower, Look At Rotator, Teleporter, Laser Scope: the tweak will allow you to choose what Tags they detect.

Health Modifier: the tweak will allow you to choose what Health Managers they affect.

Wireless Transmitter: the tweak will allow you to choose what Wireless Receivers will pick up its signal.

Variable Modifier: the tweak will allow you to choose what Variables they affect.

Exclusive Gate: the tweak will let you choose what other Exclusive Gates are part of the same group, in which only one of them can be active at any given time.

For most of these, there are 3 settings to choose…

Everywhere: this is the default, and it means “just find any other gadget of the relevant type”. This is what gadgets currently do without the option.

Here:this means the gadget will only find/affect gadgets which are in the same scope.

Not Here: this means the gadget will only find/affect gadgets which are in a different scope.

What do we mean by scope? You are in another gadget’s scope if:

The gadget is in the world, and you are either in the same group as that gadget, or in a group/microchip that is nested within that gadget’s group.

The gadget is in a microchip, and you are in the same set of microchips, or in the microchip’s group.


  • Follower, Look At Rotator, Teleporter, Laser Scope: “here” will only detect Tags in the scope of the gadget.
  • Health Modifier: “here” will mean modifications from this modifier only affect a Health Manager if this modifier is within the manager’s scope.
  • Wireless Transmitter: “here” will mean signals from this transmitter are only picked up by a Wireless Receiver if this transmitter is within the scope of the receiver.
  • Variable Modifier: “here” will mean that modifications from this modifier only affect a Variable if the modifier is within the variable’s scope.
  • Exclusive Gate: “here” will mean that any Exclusive Gates which are in the same group, and which all have “here” as their chosen setting, form their own exclusive group, in which only one Exclusive Gate can be active at once.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed – players would occasionally receive a “Too many wires” error message when attempting to delete or update elements.
  • Fixed – a rare bug where players would encounter an “Out of memory” error message when trying to load certain creations.
  • Fixed – values stored in powered-on variables are stored in preference to powered-off variables when a level’s progress is saved.

[Source – Media Molecule]