Layers of Fear 2 News Patch PS4

Layers of Fear 2 Patch Update Set To Release Tomorrow

Layers of Fear 2 Patch

If you’re playing Layers of Fear 2 you might be interested to hear that a patch update will be available from tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s update fixes the following issues:

  • FIXED – Several Issues with Formless Man Behavior
  • FIXED – Various Lighting Issues
  • FIXED – Involuntary Resolution Changes After Player Death
  • FIXED – Minor Bug Fixes in Multiple Acts
  • FIXED – Letter Spacing for ъ, ь, э, я
  • FIXED – Minor translation Issues
  • FIXED – Formless Man – Various “Instant Death” Encounters
  • TUNED – Formless Man Difficulty Decreased and behavior tuning
  • TUNED – Max Value for FOV Increased by 5%
  • TUNED – Default Controller Sensitivity Increased by 10%
  • TUNED – Performance and Quality Adjustments
  • TUNED – Pacing Adjustments – Several Acts
  • TUNED – Black and White Post Processing – Adjusted in Chapter 2
  • TUNED – Perfect Storm Achievement
  • NEW – ‘NG+ Unlocked’ Pop Up with Info Added to Game Ending

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Layers of Fear 2 is out now on PS4.