Leaked Call of Duty: World at War perk list

PlayStation Universe is proud to present the complete list of unlockable perks for the upcoming Treyarch title, Call of Duty: World at War. Many of the perks from Modern Warfare are making a return, though there are quite a few new additions to the list. Take a look for yourself at the complete list below.

Perk 1:

– Special Grenades x3
– Satchel Charge x2
– M9A1 Bazooka x2
– Bomb Squad
– Bouncing Betty x2 (similar to claymores)
– Bandolier
– Primary Grenades x2
– M2 Flamethrower

Perk 2:

– Stopping Power
– Fireworks (explosives cause more damage)
– Flak Jacket (decreases damage taken by explosives)
– Gas Mask
– Juggernaut
– Camouflage
– Sleight of Hand
– Shades (decreases intensity of signal flares)
– Double Tap
– Overkill

Perk 3:

– Deep Impact
– Extreme Conditioning
– Steady Aim
– Toss Back (resets fuse on tossing back enemy grenade)
– Second Chance (ability to revive allies)
– Martyrdom
– Fireproof
– Dead Silence
– Iron Lungs
– Reconnaissance (shows artillery and tanks on map)

Vehicle Perk:

– Water Cooler
– Greased Bearings
– Ordnance Training
– Leadfoot
– Coaxial Machine Gun