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Lies Of P DLC Seemingly Revealed From Neowiz Job Listing

Lies Of P doesn’t perhaps hit all the same highs as its inspirations, but it comes far closer than many of the Soulslikes that crowd the genre, and fans have, for the most part responded positively to it.

Which makes it less of a surprise that publisher Neowiz and developer Round 8 Studio seem to have DLC in the works, or at least Neowiz is hiring for people to work on the DLC.

Job listings on the Korean side of Neowiz’s website seem to imply that DLC for Lies Of P is being developed, as the letters “DLC” can be seen in English on the careers page.

According to Google Translate, one of the jobs Neowiz is hiring for is a “P’s False DLC Quest Planner,” which could very well be a poor translation of the job title actually being something like “Lies Of P DLC Quest Designer.”

That’s just a guess of course but the important thing is that three of the four jobs listed under the Lies Of P filter when looking at the Neowiz careers page all include “DLC” in the title.

Lies Of P’s world of Krat is definitely ripe for DLC opportunities, and it’ll be interesting to see how the DLC expands on the base game. Though if Neowiz is still just hiring for roles like quest designers, it’s likely this DLC is still far off.

In the meantime of course players can instead get prepared for the Elden Ring DLC that we know is coming in Shadow Of The Erdtree, which could very likely get a deeper reveal before the end of this year at The Game Awards 2023.

Source – [Neowiz]