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Live @ E3 2009 Blog


10:35 AM PST: My ‘Day 2’ E3 experience is live.

12:50 PM PST: My taxi is arriving in 10 minutes, so it’s time to pack and head home. Seb will be at the convention center today; he isn’t returning to London until Saturday. E3 has been quite an experience, which I will continue to share with all of you over the coming days. Now, however, I have to run!

11:04 PM PST: Alright folks, I’m home safe and sound. I worked for four hours on the plane, taking notes on everything I saw at E3. I also completed my ‘PSP Go Hands-on’ preview on the trip, so I’ll have that up for you in a few minutes.

This will be my last ‘Live @ E3 2009 Blog’ update, so I want thank you for checking out my coverage — I’ll have much more for you in the coming days. Thanks for reading the blog!



1:57 AM PST: Full recap of ‘Day 1’ at E3 available.


8:57 AM PST: We’re about to drive over to the conference right now. We’ll be quite early, but that’s a good thing. More in a bit.

10:53 AM PST: The press conference is about to begin! Our live blog is below.

PSU’s SCEA Press Conference Live Blog

11:00 PM PST: Phew! The first day of E3 was a blast, but incredibly tiring. We’ll have today’s recap and media up later tonight, but in the meantime check out the pictures we’ve taken so far in the E3 2009 image gallery. Right now I’ll be working on previews for the next three hours or so; anything that isn’t done by then will have to wait until later. A man has to sleep, after all.


10:10 PM PST: I’ll post a full recap of the day shortly, but I have to manually resize every single photograph I took today first… stupid 3888 x 2592 pixel images.

As you can see, I’ll be live blogging the SCEA press conference from this page tomorrow.

11:59 PM PST: Here’s that recap of the day. SOCOM preview is up next if I don’t fall asleep at my keyboard. (Update: SOCOM isn’t going to happen tonight. My eyes are closing, and there’s nothing I can do about it. I should be at least somewhat rested for the first day of E3, anyway.)


5:38 PM PST: I arrived safe and sound, met up with Seb, and went to a delicious Sunday barbecue. Heading off to the PlayStation Blog meet-up in a couple of minutes; I’ll have a proper update later tonight.

9:35 PM PST: Seb and I just got back from the PlayStation Blog event, which a whopping 300 people attended. Check back in about an hour for a full write-up.

10:40 PM PST: Ok, I was wrong, it will be more than an hour; there’s a lot to discuss, plus plenty of exciting pictures to see! We’ll have it up soon.

12:35 PM PST: Here you go!


8:15 PM PST: Hey PSU readers! Let me introduce myself: I’m Eric Blattberg, PSU’s primary U.S. editor. I’ve been with PSU for over two years, but this is my first E3 (Dave Wales, who no longer works for the site, went to E3 08). While ‘we’ usually write in the plural, I’m going to make an exception for this informal blog, which I’ll update fairly regularly with information and impressions from E3 2009.

As you may have deduced, I’m heading off to Los Angeles tomorrow to cover this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, which officially runs from June 2 to June 4. My flight is very early in the morning (*groans*), but that means I’ll arrive with plenty of time to get settled, then head on over to the PlayStation Blog E3 09 meet-up to meet some cool people, eat some hot tamales, and preview SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 3.

When I land at around 11:45 AM PST tomorrow (provided the flight is on time), I’ll be meeting up with Seb Hayes, PSU’s Co-founder and Managing Director. He flew in all the way from the U.K. yesterday, so give him a virtual ovation for making the trek to L.A.

Before I go, I want to let you know that it’s here, in this article, that I’ll be live blogging Sony’s E3 press conference, which begins on Tuesday, June 2 (11:00 AM PST, 2:00 PM EST, 7:00 PM BST). Also, if you see ‘Eric2929’ post in the comment section below, that’s me, so "respect my authoritah!"

Alright, I’m off to continue packing. Check back for an update tomorrow!