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London Studio’s Next Game Is A New IP For PS5, With Multiplayer Features


A number of job listings on London Studio’s website have revealed that their next game is a brand new IP for PS5.

Two job listings reveal details about their project with the Online Gameplay Designer role being a “leading light for multiplayer gameplay in the team, bringing knowledge, experience, and a passion for online multiplayer gaming to the team.” This role also references that the person will need to “implement the gameplay into the missions”, which could suggest we are looking at some kind of PvE co-op multiplayer here, such as Outriders or the upcoming Rainbow Six Parasite.

The second role, the Lead VFX Artist, reiterates that the studio is working on a “brand new, next-gen IP” and highlights that the game has the goal of creating visual effects that form the next generation of rewarding gameplay and cinematics, suggesting that the game will also have cutscenes or some kind of single-player component.

That covers everything in the job postings and comes as Sony has been criticised this week for focusing on AAA blockbuster titles. We gave our opinion on Sony’s current philosophy in our latest Checkpoint feature.

Source – [London Studio (VFX Artist), London Studio (Gameplay Designer) via PushSquare]