Lords of the Fallen boss battle guide: Defeating Infiltrator, the fourth of Rhogar’s Lords

Looking rather like an unkempt version of God of War’s Kratos — had he been stuck on a desert island for a few years without a razor — The Lords of The Fallen’s anti-hero Harkyn is a fearsome-looking dude. With a stone-cold expression, that’s most probably been numbed by his past sins, he casts an imposing shadow over his enemies with his hulk-like frame.

But looking hard isn’t everything, especially when you’re facing one of the Lords of The Fallen’s rock-hard bosses. Infiltrator, the fourth boss, is quite simpler than the Worshiper, the Commander, and the First Warden before it. To defeat him, watch the video and check out the tips below:

Class used: Executioner – Medium Armor and Deception Magic combo

Infiltrator jumps great distances. It will probably be the very first thing he does once you enter the zone. Keep it in mind if you get too far away.

He throws energy daggers. This carries into the next point, but when far enough away, Infiltrator will throw two energy daggers. The best strategy here is to stay close.

Stay in range. He has a bunch of legs, but stay in range. Quite literally, stay inside his legs. His attacks when in range are very repetitious. He will repeat a three-swing combo that can easily be countered by locking on him with the L3 button and spin around him–under his legs– to the left. At least initially, stay in defensive stance by pressing the Triangle button and holding up the shield by holding L1 while spinning around him. That way, in the rare case when he stops a leg, he will simply knock you back without doing much damage.

Infiltrator spawns traps. These traps will sprout out of the ground and hold you in place if you stand on them. After the traps completely sprout, Infiltrator will move to eat them. Even though he regains some health from it, this is a good time to use a heavy weapon to deal damage to him. The heavy weapon will have a wide enough swing that it will hit the traps as well as Infiltrator, so he won’t be able to get as much health returned. When the traps are either eaten or destroyed, you’ll take damage, but it generally isn’t enough to do more than half of Harkyn’s health. Nonetheless, check it often during this time, and use potions whenever needed.

He’ll use a leg like a stinger. Later in the fight (around half health), Infiltrator will swing his free leg in between the two others if you stand in front of him for too long. I recommend only issuing two swings so he doesn’t deal a heavy blow on you.

Stay tuned for more boss battle guide from The Lords of The Fallen, available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

If you’ve already gotten your hands on the game, take to the comments below and let us know if this helped you or if you have a better strategy to take down the Infiltrator.