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Maquette – The Gardens Walkthrough And Puzzle Solutions


This guide will take you through the first section of Maquette: The Gardens. It will show you how to open each locked door and provide a walkthrough, all the way to the end of the area.

In this guide:

Maquette – The Gardens Walkthrough And Puzzle Solutions

How To Get Through The Garden

Upon starting the game, you will be dropped into the gardens, which is a completely linear area, with only one way to go. From the start, continue through the archway and down the path to the left. Take the left staircase down and then turn left again to see a large door in front of you. Interact with the switch to remove the barricade and open the door.



Take either path down again and make your way left, down the long pathway. Continue following the path and go down the steps until you get to the pond on your left. Follow the path up the next set of steps and wall along the bridge to the other side of the area.



Progress onwards and up the next set of stairs on your right. Follow the path around and up to get to a locked door with a key, on the ledge of the fountain, on your right.



Pick-up that key and then take it to the locked door and hold it out in front of you to open it. If it doesn’t work initially, just move around a little until the animation plays and the game decides you were in the right spot. Once that door has opened, pick up the key again and do the exact same thing on the second door. Yep, there are two locked doors here, presumably to keep out whatever the magical mysteries lie ahead.



After that door has been unlocked, walk to the end of the path to watch the concluding scene of the chapter. Congratulations! You can now move onto The Maquette chapter. If you want to find another chapter, head back to our full walkthrough here.

Maquette is available now on PS4 and PS5.