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Maquette – The Maquette Walkthrough And Puzzle Solutions


This Maquette guide focuses on all the puzzle solutions for the second level of the game, which is called The Maquette. Here you can find a complete walkthrough of all the sections of the chapter, so you can continue on with Kenzie and Michael’s story.

In this guide:

Maquette – The Maquette Walkthrough And Puzzle Solutions

Obtaining The Ticket

The Maquette is a relatively straightforward level but can be tricky if you haven’t experienced the mechanics of the game yet. The first place to go is into the castle opposite the corner where you start, Head up to the door to have it unlock for you and play out the scene where Kenzie and Michael met for the first time.


Turn around and head back to the large dome in the centre of the area. The wall surrounding it will lower and you can now explore the inside, which is just another model of the playable area you are currently in. This is where the game’s recursive mechanics come into play. Throughout the game, there will be objects you can interact with in the main area and within the smaller model in the centre. If you move something in the model, it will also move in the larger playable area.

So, the first thing you need to do is move the red block out of the way, allowing us to get to the garden area. As the block is smaller in the model, you can pick it up and then move it to the corner of the area, within the model, out of the way of the entrance to the gardens. You can clamber all over the model like a giant if you need to find a better position, so don’t be afraid to jump and step all over it.



Make your way into the gardens and jump down to the ground below the broken bridge. Turn around and look beneath the tower you just walked through to find an elevator. In the crevice, behind it, you will find a small bridge. Pick that bridge up and then use the switch next to it to raise the elevator back up.




Return to the model, and specifically the gardens area. Hold out the bridge and turn it so that it is aligned with the two platforms. Then place it down in the gap, so that it creates a walkway to the other side. You can see where it is going to land, via the shadows on the ground. Return to the gardens and walk over the bridge to the elevator, flicking the switch to raise you up.




After the short scene plays, you will see a ticket in front of you. Pick that ticket up and then use the switch ahead to lower yourself back down.



Getting The Key

In order to get the key, we need to open the fair, which requires you to use the ticket you just got, on the box locking the gate. Right now, the ticket is too big; so, place it down in the area and head to the model in the centre to pick up the smaller version from the location you left it. Head over to the gate to the fair and hold out the ticket to have it enter the box, automatically. It’s a shame this doesn’t happen in real life. Walk ahead to activate the fair and have it spawn.




After the scene, head back to the model before you start exploring the fare. Look at the back of this area in the model and you will find a switch connected to a wall. Flick the switch to have the wall lower, opening up a new area at the back of the fair in the normal playable space.


Head to the back-right corner of the area to find the wall which has now been lowered. On your left, you will see a small fortune teller machine. Head over to it to have another scene from Kenzie and Michael’s relationship play. Aren’t they sweet together? Viewing this scene will then spawn the key.



Entering The House

Now, we need to finish the level by spawning the house and entering it. So, in order to do this, pick up the key and take it to the door which has been locked this entire time. Hold the key out in front of you to open it.


Once the door is open, pick up the key again and head to the model in the middle. In this new section, you will see another large gap between the two walkways. Place the key in-between the two gaps, so you can use it as a bridge to walk across.


Go back through the door and walk across the key and into the overlook at the end of the bridge.


Once this scene has ended, head back to the model and watch another scene, before picking up the key and placing it on the ground outside the dome in the normal size area.


Back inside the model, you will see that the key is now really small. Pick that tiny key up and hold it out in front of you when near the locked door to the newly spawned house. This will open the door to the house for you.



Finally, place that small key inside the model and pick up the standard size key from wherever you dropped it. For the final time, place this key inside the model, so it acts as a bridge between the main area and the floating house.




From there, you can walk across it and enter the house ahead. Congratulations! You can now move onto The Gateways chapter. If you want to find another chapter, head back to our full walkthrough here.

Maquette is available now on PS4 and PS5.