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Maquette – The Gateways Walkthrough And Puzzle Solutions


This article will focus on Maquette and The Gardens section of the game, giving you a complete walkthrough of what to do and all the puzzle solutions for this section of the game.

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Maquette – The Gateways Walkthrough And Puzzle Solutions

The Pink House

The Gateways is one of the more complex levels in the game, asking you to use crystals to get through multiple barriers in the game. You will begin the level in the sandy area. Turn around and head behind the large building to the small overlook, where you will find a pink crystal ball. Pick it up and head to the front of the area, holding it out in front of you and touching it to the crystal in the stand.



Pick the crystal ball back up and head over to the pink house. While holding the various crystal items in this level, you will be able to walk through the barrier of the corresponding color. So, while holding this pink ball, you can walk through the pink barricade.


Once inside, place the ball down and head out the back and up the stairs, flicking the switch to lower the blue crystal diamond opposite.



Pick up that crystal diamond and place it in the back garden of the house, next to the steps you used to get to the top level. Head back inside and pick-up the pink ball to exit the pink house and get back to the main area.


The Blue House

Place the pink ball down in the area and retrieve its smaller version from the model in the middle. Carry that smaller version to the sloped roof behind the blue house. Place it on the ramp so that it rests against the blue barrier when it rolls down.


Now, pick up the smaller version of the blue diamond from the pink house’s back garden, within the model. Return to the sloped roof in the model and jump onto it to remove the blue barrier and have the pink ball fall into the house.



From there, enter the blue house in the main space and pick up the pink crystal ball, going through the barrier on your left to activate another cute scene between Kenzie and Michael. Aren’t things going so well for them?



Once the scene has finished, pull the switch on the wall to open the two doors and a way back to the main play area. Place both the green crystal and pink ball in the play area, just outside the large dome.


The Green House

Once both the green and pink objects are placed down, retrieve the pink one from the small model and hold it out in front of you, dropping it on the balcony with the green barrier, at the top of the green house.


Pick up the green crystal and then stand next to that balcony to have the pink ball drop through the now removed barrier and into the house.

Make your way through the two green barriers outside the green house in the regular-sized area, while holding the green crystal. Turn to your left and slot the crystal through the hexagon shapes in the grate and drop the green crystal back outside the house. Pick up the pink ball and head through the barrier inside the house to play yet another scene.

When inside the house, grab the key at the back and slot it through the window in the small room at the back. Head back inside and open the door on your right, carrying the pink ball outside to get through the barrier.

Drop the pink ball outside and pick the green crystal you dropped earlier back up, going back through the barrier to move onto the final stage of the level.

Retrieving And Placing The Cog

The first thing to do from here is to collect the small version of the key, which you dropped behind the green house. It can be found outside the hole you slotted it through, within the model. From there, stay within the model and head over to the sandy area you started in and hold the key out in front of you, next to the door to unlock it.

Once the door is opened, you will see a green barrier. But, before you get ahead of yourself, pick up the pink ball from the model and within the model, head to the left side of the building you just unlocked. Here you will find a hole that you can put the ball through to use once you are inside. Slot it in and drop it.

Next, pick the green crystal up from where you placed it and head through the door you just unlocked, dropping the green crystal when inside. Pick up the pink ball after and head through that barrier to access another scene. Once the scene has finished, flick the switch to spawn a bridge and reach the cog.

Drop the pink ball and then pick up the cog on the bridge and head back to the main area. But, before you are able to get to the model, a wall will spawn fencing off the entire interior part of the playable space. In order to get to the model, we will need to jump outside of the normal playable area into the larger size arena which has been surrounding you the entire time. To do this, drop the cog where you are and pick the pink ball up again.

About halfway along the bridge you crossed to get to the cog you will see a gap in the railing, with a rock next to it. Run and jump off this gap and onto the rock, before jumping once again to the outside wall and jumping down into the large arena.

Take a left after you jump down and head to the other side of the wall which was fencing off the area, going down the steps and over to the crystal. Hold out the pink ball and touch it against the pink crystal to have it disappear alongside the wall surrounding the area.

Climb back up the stairs and head to the back of the sandy area ahead to find an open archway, with a switch on the left. Flick it to lower a platform, housing another switch inside which when pulled will raise you back up to the regular play area.

Once back up, pick the cog up and then hold it out next to the back of the building within the sandy area of the model to have it gracefully float into place, completing the level and witnessing one of Michael and Kenzie’s happiest moments together.

You have completed The Gateways and can now move onto The Wedge. You can also see our full walkthrough of Maquette here.

Maquette is available now on PS4 and PS5.