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Mark Wahlberg Says ‘Somebody’s Written A Script’ For The Uncharted Movie Sequel

Uncharted movie actor Mark Wahlberg has revealed during a chat with The Direct that a script for a sequel to the 2022 action-adventure flick has ben penned.

Wahlberg, who portrays Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan in the film adaptation of Naughty Dog’s PlayStation franchise, confirmed that a script has been written, although he didn’t reveal who actually put pen to paper. Oh, and his moustache will definitely be Uncharted 2.

I’ve heard lots of different ideas. I know somebody’s written a script, and they’re still working on it, and it would consist of having the mustache the whole entire time. Which completely makes sense; obviously, in that final scene, I have the mustache.

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When I finally got the mustache, people really appreciated it. And it was a nice tag to the end of that film. So if we can make it better than the first, you know, I’d be open to it, but I only know as much as you do right now.

The Uncharted movie definitely sets up a possible sequel, as there’s a brief post-credits scene where Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake is meeting with a man who represents Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune villain, Roman. Meanwhile, back in August, Atlas Productions’ Charles Roven revealed that plans for an Uncharted 2 film were still very much in motion.

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