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Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Has Not Been Ruled Out For Future Inclusion In Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is out today, and while it feature a ton of content, one thing that isn’t included is the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer mode. However, BioWare‘s Mac Walters has suggested this may be implemented in the future.

Chatting with CNet, Walters refused to rule out the possibility that multiplayer made added to Legendary Edition, but made no promises about its inclusion, either.

I would never say no to that — we want to see what kind of reception the Legendary Edition gets and what the demand for the multiplayer is. And then we’ll ask ourselves if we have the resources and time to bring it up to the quality level we and fans want.

Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer mode was more than just an excuse to shoot a bunch of aliens with some mates. It was also integrated into the single-player campaign, which had players gathering enough war assets to survive the final battle against the Reapers; your progress in multiplayer contributed the overall Galactic Readiness, so it was worth dipping into.

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition is available for PS4, PC and Xbox One now.

[Source – CNet]