Mass Effect Andromeda a ‘spiritual successor to ME1,’ claims insider

According to resident NeoGAF insider ‘Shinobi602,’ BioWare’s upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda has been dubbed internally as the spiritual successor to the original Mass Effect from 2007.

“Internally, [Mass Effect Andromeda has] been called ‘the spiritual successor to ME’ throughout its development," he said. Make of that what you will, but considering the Mako is returning in Andromeda and there’s more emphasis on exploration, we’ve pretty stoked to hear it.

In addition, the tipster also claimed that the recent leaked footage from Andromeda, which surfaced just before the weekend, is actually from a much older build of the hotly anticipated science-fiction RPG.

As such, the game has no doubt made a lot of progress since that time, and may not even resemble what we saw in the video. Shinobi’s claims should, as always, be taken with a healthy pinch of salt for the time being. 

Mass Effect Andromeda is currently in development for PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One. The game was originally due out in holiday 2016, but was recently pushed back to Q1 2017

BioWare has been drip-feeding us info on the project for the past 18 months or so now via Twitter. From these nuggets, we’ve learned that Andromeda will feature dynamic weather effects, it will be the ‘best and largest‘ entry in the series to date, and it’s first hour or so contains rather a lot of shooting-based action. Who’d have thought it, eh? 

Those of you hoping for a high-definition collection of the original Mass Effect trilogy to tide you over until Andromeda arrives should probably dumb down their expectations, however. Electronic Arts has made it clear it’s not in the business of rehashing old experiences

Hopefully we’ll see Mass Effect Andromeda in action at E3 in a few months. Stay tuned.