Mass Effect Andromeda patch impresses as new multiplayer notes confirm changes

mass effect andromeda multiplayer update

The latest Mass Effect Andromeda update, released on PS4, Xbox One and PC seems to have made quite a difference to the animations in Bioware’s sci-fi RPG.

Players are reporting that facial animations are now much better. Just check out the much softer look of this female NPC, whose original robotic character quickly became a point of ridicule due to her wild stare.

Indeed, examples of the improvement in animation have been released across social media, including the following video which compares multiple characters and their new look.

In addition to animation and lip-synching fixes, the Mass Effect Andromeda update also introduced some multiplayer balance fixes, including:

  • More effective attacks from Hydras, Remnant Destroyers and Berserkers
  • Increased difficulty of Outlaw faction
  • Tweaks to weapons, such as assault rifles and pistols
  • Reduced effectiveess of repeated melee attacks on large enemies.

Check out Bioware’s blog for a complete overview of Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer changes.

Sources: Polygon