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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Stats Reveal Players’ Key Choices, Popular Squadmates, And Shepard Gender Preference

BioWare has revealed a bunch of key stats for Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which contains some interesting data in regards to the Mass Effect 2 suicide mission, which gender of Commander Shepard people prefer, and much more beyond.

First up, players seem to prefer the male incarnation of Commander Shepard, with 68% of players plumping for him over the female version. We’re still big FemShep fans here at PSU, for the record. Meanwhile, the Soldier is the most popular character class, while 94% of players were able to save Wrex on Virmire in the first game.

Meanwhile, in regards to key choices, 93% of players decided to ally with the Rachni Queen, while 67% of players opted to vanquish the Reaper Breeder Queen. Furthermore, 96% of Mass Effect Legendary Edition players saw Tali pardoned in her story arc, and she’s second only to Garrus as the most popular squamate in the first Mass Effect.

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There’s plenty of other interesting stats to look at, so check out the infographic below.