Max Payne looks set to be the next PS2 Classic on PS4

The original Max Payne, one of that small indie studio Rockstar’s first franchises outside GTA, appears to be the next addition to PS2 Classics that’s coming to PS4, with a release this Friday, April 22, according to an update on the PlayStation Blog.

The post states ‘Max Payne’ is out for release on the PlayStation Store this Friday. The game features the titular character flinging himself about in Bullet Time, grimacing a lot and speaking like The Punisher if he was in L.A. Confidential. It’s not aged greatly, but it’s still fairly fun.

Rockstar’s no stranger to releasing its older games on PS4. So far we’ve had GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas released, followed by Bully and Manhunt a few weeks ago. As with all those games, the PS2 Classics range are upscaled to run at 1080p and feature support for Trophies. Max Payne also released on PS3 back in 2013.