MediEvil’s Sir Dan appears in Skyrim mod

Sir Daniel Fortesque is back, in a surprising way. The somewhat-iconic PlayStation character, the star of two PSOne-era platformers and one playable fighter in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale’s roster, returns in a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

There’s a caveat here, of course–there’s no way to access the incredible library of user-made Skyrim mods on console. Still, if you have a PC powerful enough to run Bethesda’s 2011 RPG, you can play creator KorinOo’s vision of MediEvil’s first four levels.

I’ve never played a MediEvil title to completion, but the music and linear design captures what I remember of MediEvil from an old PlayStation demo disc: PlayStation Interactive Sampler Vol. 8. This one also had playable bits of Spyro the Dragon and Metal Gear Solid, alongside a trailer for Rugrats: Search for Reptar and a truly nightmare-inducing CG trailer of Parasite Eve.

Check out the trailer for KorinOo’s MediEvil mod below, and sound off in the comments with your memories of MediEvil and/or your very own nostalgic PlayStation demo disc.

Source, Via