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Mega Man X Hadouken: How To Unlock Special Upgrade

Mega Man X hadouken

The Mega Man X Legacy Collection features eight fantastic retro fighting games. This guide will help you unlock the most power attack in Mega Man X. Street Fighter’s Hadouken attack. It’s a tough process but one well worth the journey. The Mega Man X Hadouken attack just so happens to be the most powerful attack X can pull off.

In order to unlock the Mega Man X Hadouken attack you must first go through and acquire everything there is to unlock in Mega Man X.

How To Unlock Mega Man X Hadouken

Step One: Acquire all the heart tanks: These heart tanks can be located in each of the eight stages and will increase X’s health each time he acquires one..

Step Two: Acquire all the Sub Tanks: There are four Sub Tanks to find in Mega Man X. These four tanks are located in the Gigantic Generator (Spark Mandrill), Underground Mines (Armored Armadillo) Cruiser 1001 (Storm Eagle), and Lava Factory (Flame Mammoth).

Step Three: Acquire all X Upgrades: There are four upgrades that X can acquire to make himself more powerful. The four upgrades can be located in four different stages.

  • The Leg Upgrade can be acquired in the Mountain Base (Chill Penguin)
  • The Body Upgrade is located in the Forest Base (Sting Chameleon)
  • The Helmet Upgrade is located in Cruiser 1001 (Storm Eagle)
  • The Blaster Upgrade is located at the Lava Factory (Flame Mammoth).

Step Four: Make sure you defeat every boss and complete every stage in the game.

Step Five: Getting the Hadouken. The actual upgrade is located in the Underground Mines (Armored Armadillo). Make sure you have at least four lives. Right before you enter the boss room you will get on a platform cart where there will some flying robot birds. As you reach the end of the platform ride it will fly out of the mines into daylight.

The goal is to jump off the platform right before it hits a wall and wall climb up to the top where you will find a health capsule. Grab the health capsule and jump off the ledge. Repeat this process three times and on the fourth time around an upgrade tanker will appear with the most powerful attack in the game. The Hadouken.

In order to use the Mega Man X Hadouken attack, its the same quarter circle and square button just like you would in Street Fighter.

We hope this guide helped you in deciding which bosses to tackle and in the easiest order. Check out our other guides for Mega Man X, Mega Man X2, Mega Man X3, and Mega Man X4. Mega Man X Legacy Collection is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.