Messiah unveils sleek Blu-ray remote

We all know that the PlayStation 3’s Blu-ray support is top-notch, but utilizing its features can often times be difficult. Accessing functions during a movie via the SIXAXIS can be challenging, especially when your dog knocks the controller off the table and hits a menu feature that you didn’t know existed (doesn’t that happen to everyone?)

Well fear no more, Messiah Entertainment is here to introduce the Darklite DVD remote. Yes it says DVD, but Messiah assures everyone that it is Blu-ray compatible. Here’s the lowdown:

~Stylish remote and conversation peice
~Slide-back face plate to cover and uncover buttons
~Rechargeable ion-lithium battery
~Backlit buttons
~Recharable station attached to reciever

~Must plug receiver into USB port and have direct shot to operate remote.

All in all a solid peripheral for the PlayStation 3 especially at the $30.00 price point. If you are looking to "trick-out" your PS3 or other innovative products check Messiah Entertainment out, but as of now, the remote is the highlight in our minds.

Keep a watch on PSU for more stylish peripherals for the PS3.