Metal Gear Online getting ‘Gene Expansion’

Metal Gear Online is slated to receive its first expansion pack entitled the Gene Expansion. This first expansion in the line of many has already been detailed and users can already get excited over the content set to release. Not only will you receive two new playable characters in Johnny and Meryl, but you’ll also see three new maps that include: ""City of Sorrow," "Underground Waterway" and "South American Power Station."

On top of this, they’re releasing yet another new game mode that is called "Survival." That’s not all though, outside of the addition of female characters, you’ll also be given a refreshing new Reward System as well as the ability to purchase the "Gene Expansion Plus" version that will offer you one more character slot.

Currently, no price or release date has been announced. If it happens during the Konami Press Conference next week, we’ll be sure to bring you the news live.