Metal Gear Solid 4 won’t carry dual-audio

According to the latest reports out of the Kojima Productions camp, the Blu-ray disc isn’t big enough to hold all of Metal Gear Solid 4 in its entirety.  Apparently if you’re a fan of the original Japanese voice overs and you live in America, you’re going to have to import your game to hear them.  Metal Gear Solid 4 will not be releasing worldwide with all voice over tracks included.  What this means is, if you’re in Europe or North America, expect to only be able to listen to the English track, where as if you live in Japan, expect to hear the standard Japanese voices exclusively.

The latest podcast from the camp released with this quote, "Unfortunately because of disc space, we don’t have the space to include other languages, other voice over files for the respective versions. So the Japanese version’s not gonna have English VO, and the North American and European versions won’t have Japanese VO."

They may have been able to fit in the dual-audio voice overs by just a small margin, unfortunately, this would have led to the game being further delayed.  Rather than keep the game out of the grasp of its strong following of fans, Kojima has decided to just keep something simple and provide the necessary voice overs in each region.

It seems a lot of MGS4 information has been hitting at one time, which is what was promised to us roughly a month ago.  Hopefully, we’ll be hearing a lot more info as the release date approaches.  We’ll keep you guys updated as things hit the open air.