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Microsoft Execs Discussed If Xbox Cloud Gaming Would Work On PS5 Via Browser, And If Sony Would Block It

The Verge’s Tom Warren has unearthed a series of exchanges between Microsoft executives regarding the chances of the PS5 running Xbox Cloud Gaming via a browser, and whether Sony would block such a feature if it was possible.

You can read some of the exchanges below.

Could an Xcloud subscriber (via XGPU) stream a game to PS5 through the browser in this time frame? Therefore they wouldn’t convert into an Xbox purchase, but still opportunity to get a subscriber. And therefore “anyone” can still play.

If Sony supports the necessary browser requirements then we could see people streaming on PS5. I don’t have insight into their roadmap. We have seen through telemetry someone has already tried — it crashed because their browser didn’t support controller in the way we expected.

I wonder if Sony would actively block it.

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As previously reported, emails recently emerged from the FTC vs. Microsoft court case revealed how various Xbox execs reacted to the PS5 announcement and the recent price hike.

[Source – Tom Warren on Twitter]